Why Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill’s relationship was a total sham

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‘Big Bang Theory’ star Kaley Cuoco weds

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The Man of Steel, Henry Cavill and The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley has reportedly split from The Big Bang Theory’s Penny, Kaley Cuoco. Shortly after he and Gina broke up in May, the Superman star began dating Cuoco.

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco break up news surfaced in social media channels after only two weeks of seeing each other. An entertainment channel claims speaking to a source who revealed the split. But days before the news broke on the couple’s split, Kaley seems to have dropped a hint on Twitter. But why did the two break it up so soon?

It will be recalled that Kaley herself dropped a subtle hint on Twitter about her Superman connection. She posted a photo of herself seemingly ogling at Cavill’s Superman poster. Everyone go see “man of steel”. It’s fantastic in every single way. Neither Henry nor Kaley has spoken about a romantic relationship, but the two made quite an outing earlier this month.

They’ve been photographed in moments of PDA, which suggested they may be more than just dating exclusively. Yet as quiet as they’ve been about their budding romance, no word came out about its end. She tweeted a quote, saying: “Silence is a great source of great strength. Silence is not unthinkable in Kaley’s territory. Perhaps the fans will never know the real reason behind the Henry-Kaley split rumours.

‘Big Bang’ Star Kaley Cuoco Reportedly Dating ‘Man Of Steel’ Actor Henry Cavill

The year-old actor has played the superhero in three movies, ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’, and ‘Justice League’, and he could well be donning Clark Kent’s iconic red cape again if discussions with Warner Bros. Sources have told Deadline that Cavill isn’t expected to reprise his role for a standalone film, nor is Superman due to appear in Matt Reeves’ ‘The Batman’, and there is not thought to be a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel in the works.

However, sources have told Variety he won’t be donning the cape for the project, and is more likely to make a cameo in an upcoming DC motion picture instead.

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According to People , Cuoco has wed boyfriend and tennis pro Ryan Sweeting. On Wednesday, she posted a picture of herself on Instagram, decked in a pink Vera Wang gown, and kissing Sweeting with the caption: “Yep : thesweetings. The pair had a whirlwind romance, getting engaged after just three months of dating. The actress said at the time that while she knew it was unconventional, the couple have a lot in common.

While they hadn’t been dating long enough for most people to likely Man Of Steel’s Henry Cavill was dating The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley [ ].

Sources at Us Weekly claim the two actors are “Totally hot for each other. Rumors about the TV and movie powerhouse actors relationship has only been fueled by a recent photo the actress, 27, tweeted to her 1. The tweet consisted of a photo of her, crouched next to a poster for “Man of Steel” pretending to drool over the actor as he soars through the sky. The tweet simply read: “Everyone go see ‘man of steel’. It’s fantastic in every single way.

Despite the tweet, the alleged couple seems to be keeping any clues as to the nature of their relationship under wraps for the time being. However, it has come to light that Cavill is a massive “Big Bang Theory” fan, rumors are even beginning to spread that his being a fan of the show even went as far as him having a crush on the actress even before he knew her.

As for Cuoco, Cavill would be one in a small but recent lineup of boyfriends. Prior to her relationship Bollinger, she dated addiction specialist Josh “Lazie” Resnik but the two called off their engagement in Do not reproduce without permission.

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco split after only two weeks of dating

So who has he dated? Actresses obviously, but also some former MMA stars, one of biggest names in television, and a stuntwoman. Before Cavill became Superman and took the world by storm, he was dating international showjumper Ellen Whitaker for the better part of three years.

The Big Bang Theory’s “Penny” — real name: Kaley Cuoco — is now dating Man of Steel star Henry Cavill. When Kaley found her Superman, Henry told Lois.

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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Weds

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Cuoco is obviously a fan of Cavill’s film work. The actress tweeted a photo of herself alongside a “Man of Steel” poster last month. Everyone go.

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