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Idol in a relationship predictions for ? KirbyX In Your Area. Hyuna and Dawn for me, I can just imagine them having twins within the next couple of years. Don’t be surprised if Hyuna and Dawn announce their engagement in followed by news Hyuna is pregat. Still waiting for Sooyoung to announce she is pregnate, its about time one SNSD member starts a family. So which idol do you envisage will come out as being in a relationship in ?

Taeyeon and baekhyun dating allkpop long

This was their first collaboration since the breakup.. Ls fourth studio album Forever, her solo debut album was released in August , entitled Stylish. Lee Hyori born May 10, , is a South Korean singer, record producer, activist, actress and television presenter.

dating scandal. xoxoseok. Thread. why does jpop have more drama than kpop · jpop drama.

Who are some idols who you think are dating? The second and third is quite random tbh. Taeri Legend. YG and Jennie. Akeryu , soebin , icelcles and 3 others like this. Hyuna and Hyojong But I don’t know. I have a feeling something is up with those two. Danhoney , cp26 , Menean and 6 others like this. Taeri likes this. NovaLuna Idol. Definitely someone of BTS if not all of them.

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Hwall Idol. HeyItsDary likes this. Have you seen the Sana fans on here, who are probably more sane than elsewhere? There’ll be a meltdown. Maknae Line usually will be most affected in any group. After Momo, I think it’s pretty clear that Twice can face whatever and still somewhat survive, even their most popular members dating.

Exo Memes, Kdrama Memes, Exo Chen, Exo K, Super Junior, Saranghae. Saved from Idol dating styles | allkpop Meme Center. More information.

Taehyung, who was born in , always gets a lot attention from the fans and locals. He is also known for being very free spirited and open with the fans, Taehyung will always tell the truth about his feelings and always do what he likes, without worrying about toxic fans. A couple of times Taehyung has been caught vaping with a Juul device, which was a shock to both domestic and international fans. Is it true that he uses Juul on daily basis? It all started after an eagle-eyed netizen pointed out that a small, grey rectangle of metal at the bottom of the photo looks a lot like a Juul device.

Juul itself is a popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.

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Plenty of Korean girl groups are rising in popularity each day and have lots of fans all around the world. In this tierlist we rank every active boy group in Topping multiple music charts and breaking hearts all over the place, you’ll understand Monsta X’s popularity the minute you hit play.

She’s 23 now, 21 is when this rumour came out 2 years ago.. I don’t really care who he’s dating, even if the rumour turns out to be true in the.

Lee Seung Gi and YoonA have both had various acting roles and music comeback preparations to take care of this past year, so they couldn’t help but drift apart. Best of luck to both Yoona and Lee Seung Gi in the future. Yoona airport today heading to China. Image via koreandrama. Seoul, South Korea. I’m not in my right mind of state I want to see the video!

She actually continues on this topic briefly after playing the first song of the show, comforting the listener by saying she went to all-girls schools through junior to senior high and she expects things wouldn’t be that different at an all-girls college and that perhaps the listener would have a better chance at love at a coed school anyway. May Birthday. After their date, Lee Seung-gi dropped Yoona off at her home, while she carried a shopping bag that contained a gift which he bought her in Japan.

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YouTube confirms BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ officially secured 101.1 million views within 24 hours

Thread IU is considering dating Hermes1. Thread by: Hermes1 , Mar 8, , 1 replies, in forum: The Lounge. Thread Miyoo and Babysoul are dating? Thread by: Hermes1 , Sep 17, , 0 replies, in forum: The Lounge. Thread Another “Dating Scandal” Thread [Rumor] Black Pink is dating.

idk if jennie would be dating so shortly after kai. i honestly can’t imagine the other girls dating at this point of their careers, especially lisa who.

So i just came to know that there was actually a dating rumour about these two idols. Tags: bts jungkook nayeon twice. I used to think it was just some i fans shipping these two individuals and then there is that “it is not fiction” guy who writes stories about them, but in reality there was actually a rumour about Nayeon and Jungkook dating during era. Like it was famous even in k-side and some them even said it’s obvious that they are dating.

Why did no one told me about this earlier, lol? What i mean is no other i ship of jk, like lizkook, rosekook, tzukook, Sakook and so on are popular enough in k side, but Nayeon and Jungkook really gave them hints that they are dating. Mecsdeboy Elite. I thought Jungkook was dating IU. Because it’s old. He was being a little much.

Mecsdeboy likes this. Bnglo Trendsetter. No Jungkook’s first dating rumor was with Mingyu. Bnglo likes this.

Taecyeon speaks for the first time after dating rumors and apologizes to fans

Tapi justru karena mereka memerankan karakter tersebut dengan baik, penonton pun jadi jatuh cinta dengan keduanya. Detecting the rare cancer in its early stages, Kim Woo Bin received drug and radiation treatment and has since recovered. He stopped his activities as an actor because of nasopharyngeal cancer, and had to recover his condition.

YoonA and Lee Seung Gi confirmed to be no longer a couple. I’ll never understand. It’s seung like they’ll stop dating longer their current relationships don’t work.

Tags: bts. Babyshark Rookie. What’s your thoughts? Hwall , Bara and yjang like this. I wanna see the world burn Release it in Sameera96 Icon. Ofc they dating they just keep it quiet. AmmaAffa , yamadaryosukeHSJ , freysan and 12 others like this. Narumaki66 Public Figure. AmorFati Public Figure. Minkah Super Rookie. I wonder how many people would complain about BTS dating, calling it a scandal, if only those who practice what they preach could do so?

It would be extremely quiet I reckon.

[Dating News] Netizens provide more ‘evidence’ about BTS’ Jimin & Red Velvet’s Seulgi dating rumors